6 Ways to Change Season Clients to Year-Round Buyers

6 Ways to Change Season Clients to Year-Round Buyers

Seasonality has the potential to impact any business – as professionals this is something we all know.

Whether it’s the holiday (read: party!) season, or you have a flood of clientele racing back to the salon after the most recent lockdown, it’s easy to get excited about the increase in business during peak periods.

But remember - these numbers can slow down as fast as they flooded in – HOWEVER with a few tips and tricks, you can sustain that spike and get the most from your seasonal customers while doing the most for their brows at the same time – really, it’s a win/win for everyone.

If there is one thing we encourage the MOST when it comes to a fabulous ongoing client relationship, it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to upsell! While nobody likes a “pushy” sales pitch, when it comes to retailing products to clients, from our many years of combined industry experience, the importance of recommending products has never been more evident.

“In a time of lockdowns and DIY trends on social media, maintaining brows at home in-between salon appointments is here to stay. Beauty enthusiasts are becoming more daring and willing to try the latest trends while maintaining their brows during seemingly never-ending lockdowns”

–Founder of Brow Code, Melanie Marris.

If you know Brow Code, you know we are passionate about supporting our professionals to provide the perfect solution for clients to access services anytime and live their best brow life always – so we’ve compiled our 6 keys points to ensure you maximise on retail sales within your salon:

  • Keep your retail area clean, tidy, and inviting.
  • Display products in high traffic areas e.g. – workstation, waiting area, treatment rooms.
  • Ask questions to determine the clients’ needs and requirements, including a price point they can afford.
  • Busy or seasonal clients that are unable to make it to the salon as often as you would like are the perfect candidates to upsell maintenance kits to!
  • Keep an eye out for impulse buyers – these are the clients that have not pre-planned to purchase and decide on the spur of the moment (something usually triggered by feelings and emotions). A great tip is to have a small retail display at the reception area for last minute purchases.
  • Educate your clients on how to use the product at home for touch ups in between services – and increase the incentive for seasonal clients to come back and boost your year-long customer lifetime value.

Ultimately, retailing is a fantastic way to encourage continued success and recognition with your established and seasonal clients.

By stocking your shelves with safe, high-quality products that deliver phenomenal results, you are providing your clients with a great alternative for those moments in time when they can’t get into the salon.

Beyond that, you are saving them from purchasing a non-professional product elsewhere. Supermarket tint? No thank you.

We know, there is absolutely no comparison to the touch of a qualified brow professional. But whether a longstanding client or an impulse customer, we also know that life can get in the way of a much-needed visit to the salon!

With that in mind, we hope you find these strategies helpful when it comes to retaining impulse buyers when the slow season rolls back around, or for keeping long-time clients engaged during on-and-off lockdowns!

With a mission to support our Brow Code fam in all aspects of their business, we have been working with our Brow Code professionals to establish a strong and consistent retail line, where they can provide the best answer for all clients to access services at any time.

Check out our best sellers below so you know what to stock for retailing in your salon:


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  • Creamades Brow Pomade

    For filling in the brows to add depth and shape

    Creamade Color-Ash - Blonde in container on a white background
    Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022 Finalist
  • Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil 30ml

    For promoting healthy, nourished, and moisturised brows

    Brow Gold Nourishing Growth Oil - Brow Code Australia
    Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022 Finalist
  • Imitations Micro Brow Pencil

    For creating hair-like strokes throughout the brows

    Imitations Micro Brow Pencil Color-Light Ash Blonde on a whote background
  • Tweezers 100% Stainless Steel

    For tweezing any stubborn brow hairs

    Type-Pointed Precision tweezers against a white background
  • Trimming Scissors

    For trimming your clients' brows with incredible precision.

    Trimming Scissors against a white background
  • Brow Tint Kit

    For upselling to your clients post service

    Brow tint kit - Color-Light Brown
  • 123 Micro Stroke Brush

    A double-ended micro brush for precise, hair-like strokes.

    123 Micro Stroke Brush
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