Premium Range of Hot Eyebrow Wax

Sculpting and styling your brows has just been taken to a whole other level. Brow Code’s Wax Range will remove every single hair, resulting in a flawlessly defined shape.


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2 products


The highest price is $39.95


2 products

  • Design & Define Hot Wax

    For sculpting and shaping your client's brows

    Design & Define Hot WaxDesign & Define Hot Wax
  • Microwavable Brow Styling Hot Wax 250g

    For upselling to your clients post service

    Microwavable Brow Styling Hot Wax 250gMicrowavable Brow Styling Hot Wax 250g
  • Tweezers 100% Stainless Steel

    For tweezing any stubborn brow hairs

    Tweezers 100% Stainless SteelTweezers 100% Stainless Steel
  • Trimming Scissors

    For trimming your clients' brows with incredible precision.

    Trimming ScissorsTrimming Scissors
  • Henna Tinting Brushes 50 Pack

    For precise application of brow dye

    Henna Tinting Brushes 50 PackHenna Tinting Brushes 50 Pack
  • Glass Mixing Dish

    For mixing tint, henna, or hybrid dye.

    Glass Mixing DishGlass Mixing Dish
  • Charcoal Brow Mapping Thread

    For mapping the perfect brow shape

    Charcoal Brow Mapping ThreadCharcoal Brow Mapping Thread
  • Tinting Sticks 25 Pack

    For seamlessly applying brow tint.

    Tinting Sticks 25 PackTinting Sticks 25 Pack
  • Brow Lamination Wrap

    For laminating your client's brows

    Brow Lamination Wrap - Brow Code AustraliaBrow Lamination Wrap - Brow Code Australia
  • Brow Lamination Combs 25 Pack

    For effortlessly distributing lamination lotion throughout the brows

    Brow Lamination Combs 25 PackBrow Lamination Combs 25 Pack
  • Li Pigments Microblading Pens 10 Pack

    For achieving ideal pigment implantation and retention

    Li Pigments Microblading Pens 10 PackLi Pigments Microblading Pens 10 Pack
  • 123 Micro Stroke Brush

    A double-ended micro brush for precise, hair-like strokes.

    123 Micro Stroke Brush123 Micro Stroke Brush
  • 122 Define & Line Brush

    Shape, fill and sculpt brows with pro-precision.

    122 Define & Line Brush122 Define & Line Brush
  • Eyelash Tinting Papers

    For protecting the skin from eyelash tint stain

    Eyelash Tinting Papers